Follow my business, garden, and design journey with seasonal flowers

  • Autumn Ambience at Lairmont Manor

    The season is transitioning to all things autumn: Fall-tinged leaves, seed pods, grasses, heirloom chrysanthemums, and so much gold, copper, and bu...
  • A Big Business Milestone, Thanks to You

    Something monumental happened in my life this month: I hired childcare for my four kiddos for the first time in 4 years. This might not seem like ...
  • The Artisan Collection: Beautiful Blooms in Handmade Vessels

    Ever since I started this little garden business, I have been in search of the perfect vessels to arrange flowers in. My goal has been to find pieces that I can consistently source and that can be used by their recipient after the flowers fade. Check out these gorgeous, handmade vessels from Croak and Bloom.
  • A Winter Wedding with Dried Flowers

    I had the pleasure (and challenge) of designing florals for a wedding at the beginning of January using only locally grown ingredients. This one was personal for me.
  • New brand, same flowers

    A little more than a year ago, I found that my little side hustle or hobby business was gaining traction. When I first started my business in 2019,...
  • Winter flowers: A season of ethereal beauty

    The resulting look and feel of my first winter arrangements, both fresh and dried, ended up being some of my favorite arrangements of the year. Just like with any other season, they tell a story of winter in the Pacific Northwest with grace, and a unique, ethereal beauty.
  • Flower Subscriptions - Three options for seasonal flowers throughout the year

    I see my subscribers as patrons or investors in this artistic venture of mine and they receive the extra bounty of my gardens for their faith in me and their love of my work. You can choose from 3 different options to enjoy beautiful, sustainable, seasonal arrangements and bouquets.
  • Summer Abundance: My Garden, Business, and Life

    I'm not your average florist. I don't have a brick and mortar shop, don't order from wholesalers, and don't use floral foam. My flowers are always local, sustainable, fragrant, and full of unique and delicate blooms.
  • Foraging in February

    This February, I embraced the challenge of this cold weather to make something beautiful that brings warmth, abundance, and color to an otherwise cold, sparse, and dark season.
  • Flowers in January

    I celebrated the new year by foraging both inside and outside for the ingredients that would express my feelings of newness, brightness, and hope...
  • Fluffy, Fragrant, Fragile, Local Beauty

    Do you know where your flowers come from? Why are local blooms better?
  • Early Spring Beauty and No-contact Deliveries

    Spring beauty, No-contact Delivery, and Sharing Flowers