About Us


Humble Bouquet is my tiny, home-based floral business that I created out of my love of flowers and my eagerness to share them with people. My garden is my own satisfying place of hard work, quiet, and beauty. But my garden also grows me! In the daily and seasonal work of making my garden grow and thrive, it challenges me and speaks to me in metaphors, trying to impart wisdom in every task. It is a place where my family can work together and learn together. And it is also relief for an anxious, busy, overwhelmed, and striving life; my means for creative expression and an outlet for giving.



I deliver my fresh and vibrant flower bouquets and floral arrangements in the Bellingham, WA city limits. My ingredients are grown in my city lot garden and, on occasion, from other Whatcom County growers. Flowers will be available for delivery from late March to early October.

For orders outside of the Bellingham, WA city limits, please inquire at humblebouquet@gmail.com for a delivery quote, and I can set up a custom invoice for your order.

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 Top Photo: Mary Madeline Photography