Sunny October Wedding at Beau Lodge

I know we all have spring on our minds, but I can’t stop thinking about this incredibly warm and sunny day last October when the sweetest couple got married in this gorgeous woodland setting at Beau Lodge in Bow, WA.

Sunny October ceremony under the trees.

S & S had an exciting vision of a moody, rich-hued, autumn-inspired wedding. I had planned this design to contrast our typical gray and overcast October weather in the PNW. However, this October day was a surprising 70 degrees with clear skies and bright sun shining through the trees! The dappled light in this woodland setting created an almost magical feeling to the space. It couldn't have worked out better.

Laura creating the arbor florals for this woodland wedding ceremony.The finished arbor in the dappled shade of this woodland wedding.

This couple's vision of teal and dark green contrasting with the warm and dark autumn colors was achieved with their other decor, including this silk and rug and accented through the foliage and seedpods in the florals.

Stunningly vibrant and moody autumn bouquet.

The botanical ingredients from this design include a variety of gorgeous dahlias, red roses, starflower pods, pincushion flowers, strawflower, eryngium, jewels of opar, eucalyptus, amaranth, blue wheat, celosia, sweet autumn clematis, honeysuckle vine, and autumn-tinged peony foliage. The flowers and foliage in this design are 100% from my garden, Wild Rye Farm, and Floralie Farm.

Walking down the woodland aisle for this intimate wedding at Beau Lodge.This beautiful couple had a vision that captured their personalities and character.

I love how this wedding captured the love and personalities of this special couple, and I'm honored that they trusted me with their florals.

Couple kissing on their wedding day with unclose shot of floral details.

And finally, this wedding was captured expertly by one of my favorite photographers, Kaylin Pinkett.

Venue: Beau Lodge (Bow, WA)

Photos: Kaylin Pinkett Photography


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