The Unique Beauty of Spring Flowers

Every season has its unique features that define the feel of the garden. These features slowly transition to the next season in a beautiful spectrum, until one day the garden decidedly feels like summer. But I don't want to talk about summer yet. Let's talk spring.

An arrangement that celebrates the arrival of Spring with daffodils and flowering branches.

Daffodils and the first blooming branches are the heralds of Spring. Photo: Kaylin Pinkett Photography

Spring flowers have a lush and silky feel to them. They are full of vibrant colors and have a shimmery quality. Some of the earliest blooms are delicate and fragrant and come from shrubs and bulbs.
Hellebores and hyacinth are some of my first spring flowers.Wrapped Bouquets for Spring Subscription

(1) Early Spring bouquet featuring hellebores and hyacinth. (2) Mid-Spring wrapped bouquet subscriptions with tulips, ranunculus, honeywort, privet, love-in-a-mist, and budded lilac.

Purple April flower arrangement on a Bellingham trail.

Plum, purple, and white April arrangement photographed by Kaylin Pinkett Photography.

Early spring flowers consist of may varieties of fragrant and specialty narcissus (daffodils), hellebores, grape hyacinth, hyacinth, anemones, and tulips, in addition to flowering branches like crab apple, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and forsythia.
Laura holding a bunch of bright yellow double tulips.Early Spring centerpiece made with daffodils and anemones.

 (1) Laura holding the first armload of gorgeous yellow tulips. (2) An early spring centerpiece with early spring greenery, anemones, and fragrant daffodils.

Mid-spring in my garden brings a second wave of specialty tulips (parrot, fringed, and doubles), with fluffy ranunculus, fritillaria, leucojum, lilac, and the first blooming biennials and perennials like sweet rocket and geum.

Late May arrangement on a park bench with blue and red flowers.

Late May flower arrangement featuring a large red peony photographed by Kaylin Pinkett.  

Warm Spring flower for Mother's Day delivery.May wedding bouquet with viburnum and dogwood flowers.

(1) Mother's Day compote in a warm palette. (2) Mid-May wedding bouquet with ranunculus, dogwood flowers, viburnum, tulips, and apple blossoms.

Late spring starts the transition to summer as many hardy annuals and perennials start to bloom and bridge that spring-to-summer transition with their wildflower vibes, while still being lush and silky. These transition blooms include bearded irises, peonies, and some of the earliest garden roses, along with snapdragons, larkspur, nigella, and other English garden flowers. Other flowering shrubs and trees start blooming around this time, including viburnum and dogwood flowers.

Late spring arrangement with every kind of flower that was blooming in the garden.

The Whole Garden arrangement with late spring flowers. Photo: Kaylin Pinkett Photography

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