The Artisan Collection: Beautiful Blooms in Handmade Vessels

Ever since I started this little garden business, I have been in search of the perfect vessels to arrange flowers in. My goal has been to find pieces that I can consistently source and that can be used by their recipient after the flowers fade.

A year ago, I started working with Anna Poupa of Croak and Bloom, LLC. She is a local artist with a home-based studio and also a mom. Together we designed some simple, elegant vessels and they are ready for you to gift to your loved ones (or enjoy for yourself).

Artisan Collection by Croak and Bloom and Humble Bouquet

Anna is a local Bellingham, WA creative with Czech-Canadian roots and a natural passion for creative expression through ceramics and mixed media giftware. Her speckled stoneware ceramics and inspiration for her handmade pieces stem from a deep desire to keep things simple but playful, while her great love for the outdoors is directly filtered into everything she creates. Originally a space for making special pieces as gifts for close friends, her home studio is now the heart of Croak and Bloom LLC and all it’s offerings. With her European background and influence in formal Art Education, Anna’s minimalistic and functional designs make ‘handmade with love’ a true signature of her craft.

Artisan Collection Pottery by Anna Poupa (Croak and Bloom, LLC)

Check out her Etsy website to see all the other beautiful things she creates.

View the Artisan Collection and pick out the perfect gift.

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