Small Weddings and Event Florals

I am inspired by the seasons and the local flowers that can be found in the garden and at local flower farms. Every season in the Pacific Northwest has so much beauty to offer. My designs fit in best as the backdrop of intimate events in backyards or on beaches. Spring is bursting with romantic, lush, and fragrant flowers with lots of curves and layers of petals. Summer’s abundance has an unmatched wildness—full of color and symmetry. The coolness of Autumn is balanced with warm, floral tones and so much amazing texture. Even the spareness of Winter, with its ferns, bare branches, winter berries, evergreen foliage, and lush blooms grown in the warmth of the indoors, can brighten every gray season celebration.


Laura designing flowers for wedding


Flowers are beautiful, but they shine when surrounded by seasonal vines, foliage, berries and other garden treasures. 100% of the product I use is grown locally (most it is from my garden). I love using delicate and unexpected ingredients that you may not have seen used in floral design. My children also are grown right here in my garden, so I don't spray my flowers with chemicals, but instead use sustainable and earth-friendly gardening practices. They are also packaged with recyclable/reusable materials.

If you enjoy vibrant and somewhat wild floral design that intrigues the senses with color, movement, texture and fragrance and want to be a patron to a local gardener and floral artist, please email me at to inquire about availability.