New brand, same flowers

A little more than a year ago, I found that my little side hustle or hobby business was gaining traction. When I first started my business in 2019, my friends bought flowers from me and then the people they sent them to would become customers and send flowers to other people. When I started getting orders from people I had never heard of and couldn’t easily identify a connection to, I realized I needed to make a decision: Would I try to keep this thing tiny, or would I try to grow it? Was this only a hobby, or could I actually make this into a profitable business? 

A Photo collage of Laura holding summer arrangements and bouquets all made from her garden-grown blooms.

My garden has been a place of refuge, hard work, and so much growth. Sharing it's bounty is one of my greatest joys.

I instinctively wanted to go all in, but I wasn’t quite ready yet. I had done this business-starting thing quickly and not so thoughtfully before, so I took my time to figure out my goals and put the necessary building blocks in place for a successful launch.

With four kids at home, and in the middle of pandemic, I worked a little here and there on refining my goals, creating a portfolio of work, honing my skills and processes, and putting the necessary infrastructure in place.

Humble Bouquet Logo - Woman kneeling to tend the garden
This new logo, depicting me kneeling in the garden, tending to my plants, is an ever-present reminder that for me, this is about more than just flowers—this is personal to me, the posture in which I want to live in relation to society, a reminder of my commitment to responsible stewardship, growth, and generosity in my garden, life, and community.

Last year, I worked with a graphic designer and a photographer to help me present my business with compelling and beautiful visual storytelling. The resulting new brand and updated website and marketing materials makes me feel incredibly grateful for these creatives’ stewardship of my vision and for their faith in me, and proud of what we'd accomplished.

Stepping back and moving slow was healthy and necessary for me and my family. Now, I feel ready to launch into a new season of doing business. My flowers and my intentions are the same, but I am growing more flowers, designing for more events, and getting connected more in the community.

Laura in the garden cutting flowers and holding buckets of bloomsGrowing flowers may have started as a hobby, but it has become a passion and purpose for me.

You can help me reach my business goals by doing any of the following:

  1. Have you ordered flowers from me before? Please leave a Google review to help others find my website.
  2. Do you know anyone planning a wedding or event in 2022/2023? Please tell them I offer garden-to-vase florals for any occasion.
  3. Follow me on Instagram/Facebook, or sign up for my newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page) to keep up with what flowers are in season, special offers, new products, and in-person vending events that I will be announcing throughout the year.

This business had humble beginnings, and no matter where it ends up, I want to always hold onto my original purpose: to cultivate beautiful things, to help others express love, and to advocate for generosity. In my new branding, I wanted imagery that reminds me of my values: to be a responsible steward of the resources in my care, to not worry about being trendy or perfect, and to find beauty in every season and share it.

My logo and brand concept was imagined and skillfully created by graphic designer, Branson Anderson of Bellingham, WA. All photos on this page (and almost all photos on my website) are credited to the talented portrait photographer, Kaylin Pinkett of Bellingham, WA. Working with these creative friends has been a joy.


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