Bucket Loads

I am grateful for the necessary chore of waking up a little earlier in the morning on harvest days this time of year. Being out in the garden first thing, often with my coffee in hand, is just plain good for my soul. The side-lit garden and the cool deweyness of the morning is a welcome reprieve to the heat of the season. The calm quiet around meets the anticipation in me as I scan the garden to find the perfectly-formed blooms that are at the right stage for harvest. Bucket loads. A couple times a week my little garden churns out beautiful, bountiful bucket loads of blooms. And if I don't get out there and cut the flowers they will go to seed or some will be past the proper harvest stage for maximum vase life. I'm grateful for this accountability, because it is difficult for me to do things just because they are good for me

As each season transitions to the next, I would like to highlight what is growing in my garden so that you know what I have available to share with you.

Dahlias are the main focal flower in late summer and early fall. 

This is 'Terracotta' and is definitely my favorite dahlia. She is tall and proud and varies in color depending on the light and harvest stage. She has great vase life and is a perfect addition to the 'peachy keen' color scheme.

Linda's Baby Dahlia

I also just can't get enough of the beautiful 'Linda's Baby' dahlias.

These 'Queen Lime Red' zinnias are perfect for my 'moody magic' color scheme and will definitely be back next summer. I also love these 'Oklahoma Salmon' beauties.

Oklahoma Salmon Zinnia Summer Bouquet

One of my favorite flowers of the summer are these beautiful 'Sahara' rudbeckia. They come in so many gorgeous warm and moody colors. Next year, I will have to remember to plant another rotation of these so I will have plenty for the fall.

Rudbeckia 'Sahara' Fall Flowers

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