Celebrating Earth Day with a Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

From the very beginning, it has been important for me to leave a positive impact on the environment in my community. I am celebrating Earth Day this year by sharing some of my commitments to being an environmentally-friendly business.

My commitment to an environmentally-friendly, and sustainable business with local flowers


I am committed to being a responsible steward of the earth by:

  1. Growing and sourcing flowers that are free of harmful chemicals. I practically live in my garden and my children play there so I do not spray or apply harmful garden inputs in my garden for our sake, as well as for the soil, my neighbors, and pollinators. I know each and every one of the farmers that I buy flowers from and their commitment to caring for the land that they grow on.
  2. Growing and sourcing flowers and foliage that are safe for the environment and avoid using invasive species in my designs. I love to grow pollinator-friendly flowers and leave a lot for the bees and other pollinators, providing forage for them throughout the season in my garden.
  3. Only using seasonal, local flowers and foliage from no more than 30 miles away from my studio in Bellingham, WA. There is so much carbon emissions in the flower industry from shipping and storing flowers and so much waste in the form of plastic packaging, etc. 
  4. Using flower foam-free design mechanics and other low waste, reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging materials. Flower foam contains toxic chemicals that leak into the water system and is a one-time use product that ends up in the landfill. I use brown paper, plain tissue paper, cardboard, and compostable Eco wrap bouquet hydrators as well as ceramic and glass vases. I am also starting a vase return program where my customers can set out their vases when expecting a delivery and receive a discount on their next order. (Stay tuned!) I also thrift and buy vintage vases, offer rentals for events, and buy vases from a local ceramic artisan.
  5. Supporting and collaborating with local organizations with a mission to increase sustainability in my industry and community. I am a member of Sustainable Connections (a local nonprofit that helps local businesses to work toward sustainable goals such as zero waste) and I also just joined the Emerald Hour (a like-minded network of environmentally conscious wedding vendors working toward sustainability in a high-waste industry).
  6. Creating responsible flower disposal plans with wedding clients and collecting and reusing floral equipment for events.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey as I continue to grow in becoming even more sustainable.

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