Fluffy, Fragrant, Fragile, Local Beauty

You just won’t find a bunch of fluffy garden roses, fragrant sweet peas, or fragile poppies at any grocery store.

Garden Fresh Bouquet

Often, people think these aren’t used as cut flowers because they won’t last well in the vase. But this isn’t actually true. The reason you can’t find these blooms at many florists or grocery stores is that they don’t ship well. Just like so much of the food we eat, much of the flowers we purchase come from far away—even as far as different continents. These blooms are often grown with shipping in mind and may be old by time you see them. Buying locally-grown flowers allows you to enjoy a greater variety of flowers thal are fresh, seasonal, and often fragrant.

Alongside the local food movement, the local flower movement has been gaining momentum, and more and more florists are sourcing from local flower farmers. All of the flowers and foliage I use in my designs are from my own garden or are purchased from other Whatcom County flower growers.

You can order some of these beauties here.

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